Does Turmeric Treat Lipoma?

Does Turmeric Help Lipoma?

Does Turmeric Help Lipoma?

Turmeric is part of the ginger family and has been long touted as a natural fix for many ailments.  The question is: does it have a beneficial effect on lipoma lumps?

Lipoma lumps are tissue growth or fat balls that are located just under skin, and feel rubbery to the touch.  They are usually benign, but as with any lump, it is best to seek medical attention to ensure it is not malignant.

Turmeric is a yellow powder used for flavouring and cooking in Asian cuisine.  However, beyond its prowess in the kitchen, turmeric is known as a powerful natural healer.

Turmeric contains curcumin, its active ingredient, a known anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.  It has been used to give relief from rheumatoid arthritis and reduce shoulder, elbow and knee joints inflammation.

What does this magic powder do for lipomas?

Many individuals have reported that applying turmeric topically to a lipoma lump has reduced or eliminated the lump altogether.

For best results, mix turmeric with olive oil until you have a paste of good consistency.  Apply directly to the lipoma lump.  /bear in mind that turmeric can stain clothing yellow, so take care and consider covering with a bandage.

Another way to maximize healing potential is to mix the turmeric with castor oil, which in itself is known to reduce lipoma lumps.  Apply in a similar manner.

For both mixtures, apply twice daily.

Another way in which turmeric helps reduce or eliminate lipomas is through its cleansing properties when consumed the traditional way, as part of a meal when used in curry recipes.  Turmeric has the ability to stimulate bile acid.  Production of bile has been linked to the health of the liver.

A healthy liver is a pre-cursor to healing of many conditions, and turmeric can therefore only help in this regard when consumed orally.

In the most recent past, turmeric has also been associated with combating gastrointestinal disturbances, including indigestion, as well as having anti-cholesterol properties.

When it comes to lipoma lumps, many attribute their formation to a liver imbalance or the proliferation of toxins that were not processed by the liver.  Some individuals even report that excessive alcohol seems to have brought on lipoma lumps, and once they stopped, the lipomas reduced and disappeared.

Alcohol and other toxins have a taxing effect on the liver, and when it can’t be metabolized and eliminated from the system, it could well cause the body’s reaction of wrapping the toxins in fat cells to protect the body.

Turmeric can therefore be instrumental in helping cleansing the liver, as well as softening and reducing the lipoma lumps when applied topically directly on the lumps.

In conclusion, turmeric has proven to be an effective remedy for several conditions, including reducing lipoma lumps by directly applying it, or through consuming turmeric in the diet as normal as part of cleansing the liver.

As mentioned before, please ensure you consult with a qualified physician before you attempt to self heal, or consume any substances for treating lipoma that might side effects you are not aware of.