Lipoma Treatment

Lipoma Treatment

When you discover a lipoma, you must first get it looked at by a qualified doctor, and once it is declared benign, you can then seek lipoma treatment.

Lipomas are fatty growth of tissue just under the skin.  They feel soft and moveable to the touch, and don’t usually cause any pain or discomfort.

Exceptions to this are lipomas that grow near nerve centres, which could cause unpleasant feelings as they press against a nerve.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough to visit your doctor, get a scan or whatever other procedure your doctor deems suitable, and make sure it is a harmless fatty nodule.

Now that we have that out of the way …

Lipoma Treatment

Lipoma Treatment – Topical

Some moderate success has been achieved by lipoma sufferers using two substances for lipoma treatment: castor oil and turmeric.

For the castor oil, apply directly to the lipoma several times a day.  No massaging or other manipulation is required.  Just apply the castor oil topically to the lipoma.

For turmeric, make a paste mixing turmeric powder and olive oil.  Apply the paste to the lipoma a few times a day.

Lipoma Treatment – Internal Cleansing

This lipoma treatment is a bit more effective, but takes longer to do.  Of course, it also has longer lasting effects, as it addresses the root cause: toxins that your liver can’t process.

Lemon juice: this is recommended for anyone looking to do cleansing for any reason.  Lemon juice helps the liver work better and eliminate toxins from your body.  For best results on this lipoma treatment, start your day with warm water mixed with lemon juice.

A word of caution: if you are prone to acidity, start with just a few drops of lemon juice, and increase it gradually to make sure it doesn’t give you any undue acidity.  Remember that sometimes acidity can manifest itself as a sharp pain somewhere around your upper back!

Water: drink at least one and half litres of water per day.  Water is essential to the body’s correct functioning (you knew that, right?).  But more importantly, it helps the liver eliminate toxins.  Prevention is even better than lipoma treatment, right?

Avoid constipation: the more gunk you have in your body, the more it will have to seek other ways of eliminating toxins, ie, lipomas.  Eat fibre-rich foods and drink lots of water to ensure regular bowel movements.  A clean gut is the best lipoma treatment.

Diet: you’ve heard this over and over again.  It is simply the best lipoma treatment, because it works and it is long term.  Give yourself a gift and eat predominantly vegetables for a month.  With each meal, try to make it 50% green, leafy vegetables.  Not only will this give your body the nutrients it craves, it will you up so you eat less of whatever processed food you were planning on having.

Add clean protein sources (think nuts, quinoa, fish), and you will be amazed at how everything just starts to work better, and you will notice a reduction in your lipomas.

Lipoma Treatment – Removal

This is the last resort lipoma treatment, though some go to it as a first stop if a lipoma is disfiguring or located in a visible place.

A trip to your surgeon will take care of your lipomas.  Options will include surgical removal, using lasers to reduce it, or injecting the lipoma with steroids to reduce it.

Removing a lipoma does not necessarily prevent others from growing – it is a short lipoma treatment, and ideal for those who have just one lipoma and have not experienced multiple growths or regrowths.

For a long term lipoma treatment, it is best that you also clean out your diet which will address the root cause.

Lipomas can be disheartening.  Once you are sure they are benign, a long term approach is best.  It is not difficult, but it does require some consistency and perseverance on your part.

You can find out how William R. Bradley cured his lipomas with a step by step approach to addressing the root cause – click here for information on that.

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